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Why Complete Nutrition

Complete Nutrition is a health and nutrition store passionate about helping people look better, feel better and perform better — every day.

We strive to create something different from the typical nutritional supplement store. As one of the fastest-growing franchises in the nation, our growth is a clear sign that people want something different, too. Our goal is to be the leading consultant and partner in life change for our customers.


At Complete Nutrition, we focus on four ideals: hydration, supplements, balanced diet and exercise. We want to help provide everything you need to make a personal commitment to these ideals. Once you make that commitment, we can help you accelerate results by continuing to provide education on how to live a healthy lifestyle. To boost your success, we’re also determined to provide the very best nutritional products on the market.


The People of Complete Nutrition

We build around success. Our staff members are certified personal trainers, strength coaches and experienced fitness professionals. They know exactly what it takes to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle. You can count on our staff members for:

  • Valuable, knowledgeable advice on which products will best suit your needs.
  • The most effective fitness program to help you reach your goals.
  • The latest information on health trends and products new to the market.


Exclusive Products

Complete Nutrition works with health care providers, nutritionists and chemists to develop the highest-quality formulations for supplements. We understand that developing products that perform is critical to achieving results, and we don’t intend to disappoint. On average, we annually develop over 200 products, and we’re always working hard to refine and develop our products to meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers.

We know there’s no such thing as a “magic pill.” Supplements simply provide your body the right mix of ingredients to optimize a certain process that your body performs. However, a great way to improve the effectiveness of supplements is by utilizing formulas that work best when complemented with other products. This is why we recommend kits over products. Kits like CTS360 and ShredSTACK incorporate products that work together, combining the right mix of ingredients to produce optimal results. Together, these supplements provide far better results than taken in isolation.

And you can only find our award-winning products and kits in our stores.


Why We're Really Different

We don’t just want to help you lose weight, gain mass or maintain health—we want to help you build a better you. We understand hard work and dedication. And our goal is to inspire you and enable you to push yourself to places you never thought possible.

Lose the doubt.
Gain the confidence.
Maintain the drive.

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† Results may vary. Healthy weight loss is approx. 1-2 pounds per week. Check with your physician before beginning a supplement program.