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Help! I Need Motivation: 5 Ways to Make a Commitment to Yourself

Faced with a long-term, difficult goal, such as weight loss, or a quick fix of chocolate, the brain tends to choose the easiest, most pleasurable option.
Posted By Demand Media on December 31, 2015


Trans Fat vs. Saturated Fat: What to Avoid

I hear many people call foods unhealthy because of their fat content, but here's the thing: Not all fats are bad for you.
Posted By Demand Media on December 30, 2015


No Excuses: A Fool-Proof Exercise for Each Season

Savvy exercisers know that doing the same routine day after day leads to performance plateaus and burn-out.
Posted By Demand Media on December 21, 2015


How to Banish Holiday Weight Gain

Between specialty cocktails, calorie-rich desserts and those delicious miniature but fatty appetizers at holiday parties, it's easy to pack on the pounds during the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's.
Posted By Demand Media on December 16, 2015


Tips for Preventing Colds and Flu

When you see those leaves start changing colors outside, you know that dreaded time of year is approaching: Cold and flu season
Posted By Demand Media on December 16, 2015


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