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Omega Shred™

  5 customer reviews

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Omega Shred™ is formulated with the special MimiCarb™ Anti-catabolic complex, designed to provide your body with a direct energy source, which results in reduced body fat with no loss of muscle mass.*

  • Enhanced Muscle Definition*
  • Lean Muscle Maintenance*
  • Liqui-Lean Cutting Formula*


  • MimiCarb™ Anti-Catabolic Complex acts as an energy source, which results in reduced body fat, with no loss of muscle mass.*
  • Liqui-Lean™ Muscle Cutting Blend -reduces the amount of fat being transferred from the bloodstream to fat cells which stimulates the breakdown of stored body fat (lipolysis).*

SUGGESTED USE: Take 2 liquid softgels in the morning and 2 liquid softgels before workouts. To be used as part of a physical conditioning program.

WARNING: Do not exceed recommended amount. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Please consult your physician before using this product. Do not use if tamper resistant seal is broken.

Omega Shred™
Average Rating:
5 customer reviews

† Results may vary. Healthy weight loss is approx. 1-2 pounds per week. Check with your physician before beginning a supplement program.
Excited For What's Ahead After Only a Week

I've been using the shred stack (Megashred and Assault)with a DR1 supplement for 6 days now. I lifted 3 nights and did cardio 2 nights. I can already tell I'm slightly more toned. I started on a Sunday at around 216-219 pounds and weighed myself last night (day 6) at my gym, I'm at exactly 208. I've NEVER had these kind of results with any other product. Losing this much weight so fast may seem unhealthy, but I haven't felt this great in a long time. I'm more alert, less tired, and more energized after only 6 days. I'm extremely excited to see where I'm at at the end of this cycle. BUY THE STACK AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!!
Great Stuff!

I was on the fence when I was given the price. I have never looked back! I used to be a fat guy at 270. Lost down to around 230 and plateaued, so I simply cut my carb intake and used MegaShred! WORKED WONDERS! I lost 15 pounds with the one bottle! Never felt tired, felt like a kid again!
Megashred is Awesome

The shreds are awesome! They really helped me lean out and together with the Assault product they definitely lived up to their name and shredded me! I stay on this stuff year round!
Great Product

Started the stack in December 2011. After running out I had lost 4% body fat and 23 pounds in two months, while maintaining lean muscle mass. Definitely would recommend this product

Absolutely my favorite product complete nutrition has to offer! I've defined muscle and shredded fat like never before. Defenition at its finest!
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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† Results may vary. Healthy weight loss is approx. 1-2 pounds per week. Check with your physician before beginning a supplement program.