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ReFirm® Weight Loss Success Pack

  49 customer reviews

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The ReFirm® Weight Loss Success Pack includes fast-acting and essential daily support with AM & PM Full Body Burn Capsules and Daily Lean Life Packets to increase metabolism, control appetite, shrink fat cells, deliver vitamins and minerals, burn belly fat and enhance energy, mood and focus for successful weight loss. This kit is designed to keep weight loss simple and effective by providing quick results and sustainable lifelong success.*

  • Increase Metabolism*
  • Control Appetite*
  • Features Metabolism-Boosting Multivitamins*
  • Burn Belly Fat and Shrink Fat Cells*

ReFirm® AM formula provides a great energy boost to get you going in the morning. Choose from two AM strengths (Effective - white capsule or Enhanced - black capsule). Powered by Green Coffee Bean Extract and other thermogenic agents, the Effective blend (white capsule) will help you lose weight, curb appetite and burn fat. The Enhanced blend (black capsule) will give you the same great weight-loss benefits as the Effective formula, but with a more enhanced energy boost and increased thermogenic action.

The convenient and essential Daily Lean Life Packets provide two unique metabolism-boosting multivitamins as well as belly fat busting tablet clinically proven to burn 7.7% more abdominal fat and an all-in-one energy, mood and focus capsule to get you through the day. These packets offer a great foundation to keep the weight off even after you lose it.

In addition, the ReFirm® PM Weight Loss Aid contains Senna Leaf Extract and Cascara Sagrada to refresh your digestive system and support stimulant-free weight loss for a gentle evening cleanse.*


Full Body Burn AM Effective (white capsule) or Enhanced (black capsule): Take 1 capsule in the morning with 8 oz. of water and a meal.

Daily Lean Life Packets: Take the contents of 1 packet in the afternoon with 8 oz. of water and a meal.

Full Body Burn PM Weight Loss Aid: Take 1 capsule in the evening with 8 oz. of water and a meal. To be used as part of a healthy diet and exercise program.

WARNING: Do not exceed recommended serving size. Use only as directed. Please consult your physician before using this product. Not intended for persons under the age of 18, pregnant, nursing or by those with a serious medical condition. May cause dehydration, nausea and/or dizziness with inadequate water intake. Stimulant-sensitive individuals may experience rapid heartbeat and nervousness. Do not take another multivitamin in addition to this product.

The PM formula contains senna and cascara. Do not use if you have or develop diarrhea, loose stools or abdominal pain. Consult your physician if you have or develop diarrhea. Do not use if tamper resistant seal is torn or broken.

ReFirm® Weight Loss Success Pack
Average Rating:
49 customer reviews

† Results may vary. Healthy weight loss is approx. 1-2 pounds per week. Check with your physician before beginning a supplement program.

OMG! I've been on this program for a little over a week now, and I've already lost 10 lbs! I feel great and have lots of energy. I'm not hungry throughout the day and I actually have to force myself to eat!

I have only taken the AM pill so far, just started it today. I am also taking an herbal cleanse as well that was recommended for better results by the salesperson. About 45 minutes after taking the first pill, I did feel nauseous and hot and somewhat dizzy. But I drank some water and forced myself to eat something and now I feel much better. I ate about half of a chicken salad and couldn't eat anymore because I felt full. I have read that some people experienced nausea on their first day of this product but not after that so hopefully, this will be it. I've read nothing but good things about ReFirm so I'm hoping it's as effective as everyone says!
very happy!

It was not until this morning that I felt actually accomplished on this program. I have seen the pounds drop (11 in 3 weeks) and my energy increase, but my very critical teenage daughter goes, "MOM, your belly isn't sticking out as far any more" and a new pair of pants are TOO big (I have bought the same size for years). I have no nausea or jitteryness that sometimes can happen. I am very happy with my results and plan to keep at it.
already exercising more!

Week 3 and down 5 pounds. The people at the store are really nice they have called and even sent a personal note to follow up. I have appreciated the encouragement. I am a new mom and honestly have not exercised more than 20 minutes a day so I am excited this week I am going to start exercising more. I had no jitters or nausea. I have tried many "diet" products and this one I have felt the best. It does feel like you are taking a ton of pills but I needed the jump start and its worth it!
give it a second try

Cheryl, I thought the same thing at first because it made me sick.. then i thought i would try again so i waited a few days then started over and the first two days i only took the AM and PM pills, still in the morning i was a little jittery but not sick and on the second day not even jittery, then on the third day i added in the life packets that you take mid day and i didn't take the blue pill since its caffeine.. eventually i added in the blue pill... hope this helps hope you'll give it a second chance by starting off super slow and letting your body adjust little by little, leave a review if you try it again
Initial Reaction

Did the cleanse and didn't notice any "cleansing". Started day #1 of ReFirm and WHOA it all came out! Am experiencing the same symptoms charted by others - nausea, headache, feeling poorly. Haven't noticed any loss of hunger yet but I'm not giving up. Will definately give it another week to see how I feel by then. With the 30 day guarantee I can't lose.

I have tried the CTS 360 and had no results....Now trying the ReFirm and again no results... Agree with others in regard to the bowel patterns.
more energy!

I started the Refirm program on March 11, 2013 and I am already down 17 pounds. I have not started working out at all as I wanted to master the eating portion of this first. I have signed up for a gym membership, and I start Zumba and Kettlebell classes next week. I will say that I follow the eating instructions per the sales associate at Complete Nutrition and with this and the system I haven't been hungry throughout the day. I also seem to have more energy which is making me want to go and work out. I did notice that with the packet you take at lunch I have to eat first and then take the packet or I will get sick. This product has been awesome for me and I can see the results as my clothes are starting to get big. I am sure I will continue to have amazing results once I start working out as well.
Not Happy

I did like they said I dont eat breakfast maybe bannana or apple for luch I have small salad cup of soup for supper some time nothing or sandwitch. With all they Hype I got nothing I lost 3 lbs in 30 days, and all I was looking for was 10 in 30 as I am not over weight but I got nothing the 3 lbs I loose that on my own.

I had read a bunch of the reviews about Refirm and Reveal Extreme and heard great things for the most part. I went to the store and the help I got deciding was excellent. I was told that Refirm would not only help me lose weight but also give me energy. I am not at a week of taking it and have seen absolutely no results, in fact I've gained a pound. Seriously disappointed because I have been eating healthy and working out and have gotten no results other than a lot of gas, some nausea and a whole lot of disappointment. There's not even the added energy like I was told about. I am holding out hope since it's only been a week
So Far - So Good!

Ok, I'm on day 3 of the ReFirm success pack.. and I have to say I'm liking it! I feel like my metabolism is speeding up because when it's meal time, I'm Starved! However, about a 1/3 of the way into it, I'm stuffed. :) I am very careful to eat a little something before I take any pills and have not had any nausea. I've not had any jitters, head aches, or gas, so I'm pretty happy with it. Will keep at it and see how things progress.
its taking away my fluffy-ness... lol

Well i can honestly say that it does work.. i have been on it for only a week and a half and lost 4 lbs, although i tried taking the am, daily lean packets, and the pm.. well i had a bad reaction to the pm (broke out in little red bumps) and the multivitamin was too much for me but i do love the little blue pill and the fat burner!!! So i only take the AM pill, the 2 non multi in the packets, and the tones at night!! i was at 239 lbs, now i am at 233 lbs and thats only from one week and a half. You should try this it really works and i have PCOS & Hypothyroidism - so loosing the weight feels great and i am seeing a difference already.
Good but not great!

Been taking product for overa month, lost two pounds and thats it. I do have great energy, I have to eat before taking my life packets as I will get sick if I don't. I also work-out five times a week and am upset that I have only lost two pounds. I followed the instructions, eating healthy, sleeping properly, but really no results except my energy level went up.
Getting back on the horse!

I've lost about 55 pounds through Zumba and no supplements over a period of two years. Recently started working and I haven't been able to keep up with workout and diet and became very lazy. So I've had friends try this and it works. Yes, it's costly, but when it comes to taking any type of weight loss aids, there's always side effects. Today is my first day, and yeah it's like a kick in head because you get this rush of energy, but eating something and drinking water helps that. I have a good feeling about this, of course if you sit at home and do nothing and expect this product to give you 100% results, you will be disappointed. Eating healthy and working out at least 3 times a week is a must if you want maximized results. I'll update in a week and share results. Good luck to all the others!

Wow I am totally shocked!!!! 3 weeks and 20 Lbs gone!!! I was nauseous and jittery the first week but HANG IN THERE!!! It gets better I promise. I am not a health nut and did not exercise.....I just wasn't hungry.
feeling great!

just started the Refirm success pack yesterday. I am doing the Decycle cleanse for the first 7 days. Its day 2 for me and I feel great. I have really increased my water and add MIO flavor enhancer to the water so I drink a whole lot more. I recommend buying this or a generic brand sold everywhere. I also took measurements which wasnt fun but i work out alot and I think with the program and the workouts, I will see a big drop in inches if not on the scale. good luck to all. eat lots of protein too, dont forget that!!!
Good Stuff!

Been on it for a day and a half, and have lost two pounds already! Really gives me a boost of energy, and controls the snacking urge. I think the key is to eat a little something, and stay hydrated to keep side effects away.

I am a female age of 27 and I have always had a hard time taking off the weight! My husband loves Complete Nutrition, so I finally gave in a bought the Refirm Weight Kit. I only started this 7 days ago, but I have lost 8 pounds and my butt and Legs are losing inches! (my target areas)I work out at least 5x a week, and eat healthy, but the main point is to take the pills with FOOD! I take all the pills with food or a quick snack, that way it keeps me from having any side effects! So far I love this kit!!

I consider myself pretty active, nothing hardcore but I do visit the gym 5 times a week just to keep in shape. I used to be a size 00 when I was 20 years old but fast food and work has brought me up to a size 4. By no means is that fat but to see an increase in size every year, this year being the worse I had to get a size 6 at one point, I decided to exercise a lot more. But nothing seemed to work, I shed 3 lbs in 6 months and even then it would fluctuate every week. I stumbled upon Complete Nutrition and walked in just for the heck of it and saw the re-firm pack. This was an absolute impulse buy, I got the whole re-firm pack with 2 bottles of the tone supplements, the powder box and a detox. I didn't wait at all to detox, I started everything pretty much the same night. With this many pills coming in you just HAVE to eat first otherwise you feel nauseous. So about 2 days passed by and I got on the scale and to my surprise dropped 2 lbs... 2 more days, 2 more lbs. I had dropped 5lbs in 1 week's time. So yea I'd say this is pretty effective considering I didn't change anything else, still eat the same and exercise the same.

I bought ReFirm after hearing a radio commercial. I am very overweight and I have Multiple Sclerosis. Fatigue is a big issue for me, so I don't exercise often. I am on Day 4 of ReFirm and I feel great! My clothes are looser in the belly region and I have enough energy that I haven't had coffee in 4 days. I did not weigh myself on Day 1 because I didn't want this to be just about the numbers on the scale. I don't like taking so many pills all the time, but I feel good, so I'm taking the trade-off. I am loving ReFirm! This works better and faster than anything I have ever tried before (and trust me, I've tried a lot of things). It looks like I will be a ReFirm user for the long term.

I purchased a 3 month supply and did not see any weight loss. I did like the the boost of energy I felt from the morning pills, but did not experience any other benefit from the program.

3 Weeks ago my office started a weight loss challenge and for 3 weeks I hadn't lost a single pound. We weigh in every Monday. Today is day 2 of the refirm and when I weighed in I had already lost 2.5 lbs! I felt a little jittery on day 1 and I feel a little nauseous on day 2 but nothing I can't handle. It seems to help to drink more water and staying active. I also did Yoga X from the P90X program on day 1 for 30 minutes and I am watching my diet very carefully, following everything exactly as directed! :)
High hopes

I bought the ReFirm weight loss package, did the herbal cleanse for a week, nothing, started the AM, lean packet and PM pills on May 13th , I did the Insanity work out along with eating healthy for the first 2weeks and lost only 4lbs. I am still taking the pills, changed my exercising but still eating healthy and as of today 6/13/13 I am down 7lbs. I did notice using the bathroom a little more , no sickness though. I was hoping to be down at least 15lbs by now with the big change in my daily routine, I do notice my appetite is not as big and I have little more energy in the evening. Not sure after my pills are gone I will buy again. Especially if I cant get the 15lbs off in 60 days.
Liking it so far

I started the ReFirm kit on 6/21/13. The first day I took the multi pill packet, they kind of spun me out. I had heartburn the first night after taking the PM pill. But on my second day the multi pills didn't spill me as bad as day one and I took an antacid before bed and didn't get the heartburn like the first night. My appetite level has dropped a ton. I basically just eat to take my pills each time. No sugar cravings like I used to have. And when I did have something sweet, it didn't settle well. Which is fine with me. Excited to see the results.
feeling bloated

I have been doing the success kit almost a week and not so happy I am bloated and my pants feel more snug I walk for my job for about 7hrs so I by far am active I eat good and drink plenty of water I thought this would help me feel better and it has not it makes me want to avoid mirrors I'm hoping it has a different effect soon..I'm buying a scale to see if lbs are moving but I was hoping to have looser jeans too...I'm giving it a month...only plus is it does help suppress my appetite a little more so we will see.
Trying Again

I took ReFirm for about 5 days and felt awful during those five days but did end up losing a few pounds and noticed I "went down" in my belly area. I would get so nauseous but it would pass rather quickly.Every time I burped I could taste the pills and it made me sick to the taste. The first day I was really shaky and just wanted to lay around all day. I was, however, pleased with the results so I'm trying again after being off the pills for about a week. Today I started again and felt great and no sickness because I only took the fat burning tablet from the lean life packets for lunch( I did still take the AM and PM capsules and still felt fine but the burps still kinda grossed me out). I may try and ease into taking the rest of the pills in the lean packets but I'm going to see how I do with just the one tablet and the AM an PM pills.
Bad Effects

I did not like this packet of supplements. The blue pill made me feel more like I was having anxiety rather than focused. The caffeine made my heart rate increase. I took the belly burner at night and I still felt sick throughout the day. The pills gave me indigestion.

I bought the reform weight loss success pack and honestly was skeptical. I had been on green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketone before and it did practically nothing except increase energy. I will admit that I also had some of the shakiness from the stimulant, but it only took a few days to get used to. Within 4 days, I lost 3.5 lbs. I was amazed! I work out a lot and eat pretty well, but was unable to lose actual weight. I have been at the same kind of range for the past 4 years. Not only were my energy levels soaring, but I found that I wasn't hungry like normal. Used to I would want to eat again right after I had gotten done with my meal practically. I had a hard time controlling my appetite. I have been so pleased with how this system has made it to where I am not craving food all of the time. The only issues I have had is the shakiness and if you go too long without eating, you do start to feel a little sick. As soon as I eat again, I am fine. The AM pill does make you go to the bathroom and become a little more regular, but whatever is in that is really doing its job as far as cleansing (but not in a harsh way at all) It doesn't interrupt any of my daily life I have been so impressed with this system, that I put another family member on it as well and they have had the same results. It was really well worth the money and after being on it for nearly a week, my stomach is flatter and I am starting to see the ab muscles I work so hard for (they've just been a bit hidden lately) If you haven't had much luck with these kind of products before, be sure to give this one a try. It's all natural and it gets you the results you want.
so far so good!

I was skeptical and have tried every over the counter diet pill out there in the last 10 years and have yo-yo dieted 70 pounds more than once. I started the cleanse at my highest weight of 217. On the 10th day I was 209 granted I know some was water weight and the fact I was eating healthier. I just finished week 1 of the refirm kit and I am 204.8. I surprisingly after reading all the comments have not felt jittery once. I did cut out chocolate and caffeine when starting though so that may have helped. I do not have to force myself to eat and still eat 3-4 times a day just not as much in one setting like before and try to drink a full glass of water before I eat which is not always easy as I have never been a water drinker but it seems to help. So far so good, hope it continues! I personally would recommend it thus far ;)
so far so good...

I received my success pack in the mail on Friday, speedy delivery since my order was placed on Wednesday and mailed to my home on Thursday. Have not had too many problems other than some rapid heart racing at bedtime, but it passes in 10-15 minutes. I am sleeping like a charm with the night time drops. I have a chronic sleeping problem and in only 3 days I have been able to cut my sleeping medication in half because this seems to be working. I do not have the food cravings that I normally have. The pills do not have the typical vitamin aftertaste. I don't have a craving for soda like I normally do. Very excited to 3 and I am down 3 pounds!
Refirm works

I am a 51 year old guy and I have been using Refirm along with the Am and Pm burn tablets and Tone tablets for about three weeks now. I work out 4 times a week and try and eat healthy. This program will pretty much eliminate your appetite and I find myself eating because I need to, not because I'm hungry. My energy levels stay high but I did experience some stomach problems the first couple weeks. I fixed that by taking the grey life packet tablet at dinner instead of lunch. So far I have lost 10 lbs of weight, 10 years of metabolic age, 2 % body fat, and gained 2% muscle. I've tried many "diets" and supplement programs and this is the first one where they monitor all of those numbers and more and the results have motivated me to stick with it and keep me doing it! I can't wait to see my results at the four week mark!
incredible stuff!

I have tried everything, and I mean everything, to get back down to my pre-married weight. With very little success on anything, I finally wandered into a Complete Nutrition Store. I have to say - The Medford location in Oregon is incredible! All the reps are extremely helpful, especially Logan and Jessica. I have had tons of silly questions and they always take them in stride and truly help. Almost a week on the ReFirm Kit and already 2 pounds gone! I will become a repeat customer because of the quality product, the outstanding customer service, and the genuine care Complete Nutrition expresses. This simply isn't your grandma's health supplement store! Can't hardly wait to see the success a few more months down the road!
4 months later

I am a mother of 4 and 33 years old. I have been using the ReFirm Weight Loss Success system going on 4 months now. I started using it to help me with weight loss as well as muscle tone & getting the nutrients I need daily. I also use the Tone products, Clinical for belly fat & regular for targeting stubborn fat. I have never used weight loss products before. I have had weight loss success independently a few years ago but not like I have with these products. The biggest difference I see is muscle tone and more body shaping happening. I run 5k at least 3 times a week and I feel like the ReFirm system really supports me in reaching my goals and maintaining them. I went from 210 and I am down to 179. Not quite where I want to be but my body looks great although my ideal weight is 160 which is mid-range for my BMI. I almost feel like I don't even need to loose anymore but at least 165 would be nice. It is a lot of pills to take but taking them with food and the right time of day is helpful. Lots and lots of water is important. The cost is a bit much but I believe it is money well spent, when I hit my ideal weight I will discontinue use of everything except the Daily Lean Life packets which will be much more affordable.
what is there to lose but weight?

I was very hesitant about taking any sort of weight loss pills since I had taken one from Walmart in the past and it made me feel so sick but I wanted fairly quick results as my wedding is coming up so I started ReFirm on 9/6/13. Since I was so cautious I made extra sure to drink plenty of water and eat a meal right BEFORE every pill and by doing so I have felt great! My appetite has decreased significantly and the extra energy is wonderful. I have taken it for 10 full days and have lost 5 pounds. I also have been eating healthier including a lot of vegetables and fruits and I do a kettle bell workout 4 days a week with a cardio workout 1 day. One thing I wish I would have done at the beginning is measured myself so don’t forget to do that because you could see changes there too and only weigh yourself once a week!! I think this plan can definitely affect people differently but what sold me was their 100% guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, you can always take it back. What is there to lose but weight? :) 

I have been on for about 4 weeks. I have not had significant weight loss. However, I have a lot more energy, am not hungry, and other than feeling jittery once in a while, no major side effects. I work 3 jobs, so hitting the gym is hit and miss, but getting there 2-3 times a week. I walk all the time. At first, I lost 7 pounds, but all has come back. I do not overeat. I have noticed sunken in lines appearing on my belly, even though it is still flabby, it has retracted somewhat so that is encouraging to me. I will continue to take this product. I have just added TONE and am hoping that will help as well. Overall, I am happy with this product. I feel better than I have in years! I suggest eating lean protein in the morning for breakfast, which seems to be key for me as in the past I used to skip breakfast. I do not snack and wake up hungry. I feel full faster. Good product and here's to success!!!
2 Weeks In

I am a little over 2 weeks into the ReFirm Weight Loss Success Pack. I am only down about 5 lbs. I have been actively watching what I eat (healthy wise and portion control). I work out at least 4 times a week both doing cardio and weights. The customer service person at the store suggested I also take the "Tone" pills (2 each morning/night) with the morning and night pills. I feel like I should be shedding weight a little faster. I am taking the supplements as directed. I am going to continue to take the supplements, but I am starting to get a little discourage that I spent so much money on these products. Any suggestions would help.

This is my first day trying this product out and wow popped the AM pill a 10min before breakfast and actually felt the kick of adrenaline I have to say I feel it already took the packet as well for lunch so hope to get good results as long as I stick to the meal menus and portion size I hope to lose at least 45-50 pounds I weighed in at 199.6 so hope to see results thanks and will leave another review as I go.
awesome product!

I am not sure of the rating...guess 5 is the highest...I am on this product for 3 weeks now...I started at 147lbs and I am now 130lbs...Getting close to my goal at 120lbs...With this pack I applied Paleo Diet (no sugar, bread and carbs) lots of juicing and exercise...Love the product.
feeling great so far

I just started this morning, I ate after I took the AM and also after I took the vitamin pack at lunch. It has been over an hour since I took the vitamin pack and I feel great. I am awake as ever but not shaky or nauseous. I didn't have any affects after my AM pills either. My goal is 15 pounds by my 40th birthday which is exactly 44 days away. I think I am headed in the right direction.
weight loss

I took the 90 day cleanse and refirm and did not notice any difference. No cleansing. Lost 10 lbs first month but mostly due to started boot camp exercise and watching what I eat. For the cost was not happy with results....
me too!!

Ok, so I just tested if my body accepted the pills with the AM yesterday. Allowed me the day to check it out, took the multi daily pack and also went good...except the burping the night and started again today. Just took the AM and OMG I think my intestines are officially squeaky clean and lemony fresh. Anyone else get the same reaction??
So far so good

I just started ReFirm today and the only side effect that I experienced was I got light headed this afternoon. It last for about 20mins. I will keep taking ReFirm and hopefully my body will adjust to pills and I won't get light headed again and I see results!!
so ready

Well I haven’t tried it just yet. I purchased the kit today so I'm really excited to get started!!! My daughter is getting married in 6 months so I would love to lose about 30 pounds by then!! I'll post on my progress!! Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!!!
so far, so good

My sister and I decided to try this together, but I actually got sick the first day and just restarted Mon., 12/30/13. I eat multi-grain toast and yogurt prior to taking the AM pill (1 cup of coffee each morning) and drink lots and lots of water! I found that if I didn't drink water, I did feel nauseous. I eat a piece of fruit for a mid-morning snack and then lunch. I'm not taking the afternoon vitamin pack at the moment --want to get used to the am and pm pills first. The pm pill doesn't help me sleep, but it also doesn't make me feel lightheaded or ill. I've lost exactly 1 lb. each day (so 3 lbs in 3 days). I know it's probably just water weight, but it definitely an incentive to keep it up. I'm very hopeful this will work and I'll finally be off all the blood pressure meds I'm currently on!
feeling great

My husband and I started the weight loss kit with the 3 n 1 and 10 day cleansing tabs too. We started sat 3-22-14. Just in the first day we started seeing results. We were hungry but unable to finish all of our meal. Going to the bathroom more, I know tmi, but it helps. Just on the 3rd day and I feel great. Now it was the weekend, so no, we haven't exercised. We are seeing how the first week goes without, then go from there on workouts. I plan on another review by week two, but so far so good.
not for me

The guy at the store recommended this and Tone and Cheat Pill for my needs. First, it's a lot of pills and hard to remember at lunch time. Second, the PM pill turned my GI tract into an expressway. But I didn’t get any results. The guy assured me that I would see some small results even with not changing diet and exercise. I saw zero results. No appetite suppression, no extra energy. Maybe it's a body chemistry thing that it works for some but not for me.
not impressed...

I started with the CTS360 and lost 20 lbs and then I switched over to ReFirm a couple weeks ago and haven’t lost any more. I have really cut down on my food intact and I exercise every day. My doctor told me it will be hard for me to lose weight on my own so I should get a little extra help so I was hoping this would really be the answer.

I felt no different, and have not lost a pound. Weight loss is very difficult for me, I was hoping this would work for me, I ate salads and smoothies while on this program. I watched very closely to what I ate.
It's OK

I've been using the ReFirm weight loss pack with the AM, PM and lunch vitamins for almost a week now. The first two days were just fine, I had lots of energy and barely had to eat anything. But the past few days I've been feeling nauseating stomach pain from the Multivitamins. Yesterday and today I've been getting the same from the AM medication if I don't eat a lot which has never been the case until now. Not worth $210.
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† Results may vary. Healthy weight loss is approx. 1-2 pounds per week. Check with your physician before beginning a supplement program.